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      What'sapp/Mobile : +86-13424444132

      Business Events

      Company Business Events Awards Major customers
      Bowin will take all shareholders and management team to strive for share market in 2020.
      2017.01 Changzhou Bowin Mold Co., Ltd. attract favor of capital 40 million. Changzhou Bowin Mold Co., Ltd. received investment capital 40 million from Wuxi Jintou, Wujin Guojin Group and two public companies, which standardize the enterprise management, and attract more outstanding talents, to realize multi-win among the community, the company and employees.
      2012.04 Changzhou Bowin Mold Co., Ltd. moved to Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology.Company cooperate with Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology, implement the production, learning, researching integration with school enterprise cooperation, Jointly set up the Changzhou mechanical and electrical Bowin mold college.
      2008.09 Changzhou Bowin Mold Co., Ltd. was established. Company was established and honored as the high-tech enterprises of Jiangsu province and innovative private technology Enterprises of Changzhou city in the same year.
      2007.12 Changzhou Bowin Mold Co., Ltd. started the first venture. The founder of the company has worked at a quite famous mold factory for five years before starting of his entrepreneurship, developing from one boss with 2 fellows, a few dozen square meters of small mold workshop to the present scale of Bowin mold.